Hey Everyone!

Instagram made an update last week and added a new feature to the app. Now you can post 10 pictures and or videos at a time and create a slideshow.

If you haven’t yet checked it out or don’t know how to use it yet then just follow the simple steps that are listed below.

Adding Photos to your Gallery:

Go to your Instagram app on the phone and at the bottom of your screen you should see 5 icons. Tap the icon in the middle (the plus icon) as you normally would to add a picture or video. Once you’ve gotten to that screen you should be in the Gallery section of the app. and you should see two icons on the right side just above your gallery of pictures. Of those two icons tap the one on the extreme right and once you tap on it it should turn blue. From there, you can tap and add up-to 10 pictures or videos to create your slideshow. After you have selected your pictures hit next and you should come to the filters section where you can then apply a filter to each picture┬áindividually or you can apply the same filter to all the pictures. Once you’ve done that you can tap the next button again and then you just continue to upload the pictures as you normally would.

This new update by Instagram is great because now you can upload many great pictures rather then having to choose one picture. We hope you like the new update and hopefully the steps from above are helpful.