Visiting The President’s

Presidents Day is coming up in less than a week! Have you made plans on what to do for the long weekend? If you haven’t made plans and you’re looking for somewhere to go why not take a trip to one of the many places honoring one of the presidents? Many presidents have had their residence turned into national parks or there have been national parks named after presidents. Below is a list of a few names of places that belonged to former presidents that you can go visit.

George Washington

George Washington’s Birthplace National Monument
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Washington Monument
Mount Vernon
Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
Ford’s Theatre
Lincoln Homesite
Lincoln Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Ulysses S. Grant

General Grant National Memorial
Ulysses S. Grant Monument
John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site
Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter National Historic Site
Bill Clinton

President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site