Strategies for Healthy Holiday Eating

Strategies for Healthy Holiday Eating

The season of being merry and eating plenty is upon us! It’s easy for us to eat more and exercise less when the holidays roll around. We all find ourselves consuming lots of delicious meals as we attend party after party, from holiday work parties to family get togethers. It can be a bit of a challenge to watch what we eat as we are surrounded by appetizing dishes.

Setting yourself up with a digestion plan to avoid overeating is key to you eating healthier and enjoying the holiday season without having to worry about racking up calories.

Here are some tips for you to set up a healthy eating plan during the holiday season:

  1. Do not go hungry. Are you planning on attending a holiday party or doing some holiday shopping? If so, make sure that you do not show up with an empty stomach.  If you skip a meal you will just end up eating more than you anticipated.
  2. Watch what you eat. Managing your portion sizes during the holidays can play a big role in you overeating and racking up calories. Using smaller plates, taking less bites and socializing at a distance from the buffet table can help with you eating healthier.
  3. Stay Active. Make sure that you are not just staying idle and that you are being as active as possible, whether you are walking while doing your holiday shopping or running around the house tidying up for a gathering. The less you exercise the more chances you have of gaining weight.
  4. Cook healthy. If you are hosting a party or attending one, keep it healthy. Serve healthy dishes or bring a healthy dish or even fresh fruit and vegetables. If you are hosting a party you can give away the leftovers to people so that you will not be drawn to eating lots of food.
  5. Stay away from the food. Obviously the best way to avoid weight gain and calorie increase is to simply stay far from the food. If you are at the mall doing holiday shopping, stay clear of the food court. If you are at a party, be sure to stay away from the buffet. If you do happen to pass by the food, be sure to pick up something healthy to eat.

Hopefully these five tips were useful for you during this holiday time. Remember, a healthy body is a healthy you!