National Beverage Day – May 6

Today is National Beverage Day and below is a list of some of the healthiest beverages for you and your family to enjoy just not today but always. These beverages are not only tasty but also healthy for your body and have great benefits.

  1. Green Tea – Drinking green tea can help with various things such as; improving brain function, helping to protect against heart problems as well as improve dental health.
  2. Mint Tea – The best health benefit about mint tea is that it helps with indigestion.
  3. Milk – Drinking milk, preferably reduced fat milk or fat- free milk are the best for you if you do enjoy drinking milk. Milk consists of calcium, potassium and protein all of which can help strengthen your body .
  4. Soy Milk – If you are trying to reduce your bad cholesterol then you might want to try soy milk as it works great in helping to reduce it.
  5. Cranberry Juice – This tasty beverage has a few great health benefits but you definitely want to make sure you try to drink natural cranberry juice so you don’t get all the added sugars. Some great health benefits of this juice are that it helps to prevent urinary tract infections, helps fight against cancer, and also can help avoid gum disease.
  6. Orange Juice – This delicious tasting beverage has many great nutrients such as; fiber, potassium, protein, magnesium and of course Vitamin C, all of which are great for the body. Orange Juice can benefit a person’s immune system, works to help with inflammation, and also help fight against colon cancer.

Drinking healthy beverages are always the best for your body. The list above are some other great choices but as we all know, water will always be the best beverage choice. Hopefully the list above will help you to choose the right beverage for you as well as your family. Cheers to healthy beverages!