May 4 is National Orange Juice Day

Today is National Orange Juice Day and so here for you is an article with some fun facts about oranges.

  • Oranges are citrus fruits and are hybrids of mandarins and a polemos.

  • Oranges are known to be one of the most popular fruits in America as well as orange juice being one of the best drinks.
  • Oranges have been around since ancient times and originated in Southeast Asia.
  • There are more than 600 varieties of oranges that exist.
  • Oranges contain both fiber and vitamin C which are good for the body.
  • Brazil grows the most oranges in the whole world.
  • The peel from an orange can be useful as well. It can be used to make candy or be put in your tea.

Hope these facts were interesting to read and maybe you learned something new too! Enjoy National Orange Juice Day and don’t forget to drink a glass of juice today!