Harmful Foods and Beverages

There are good foods and bad foods, all of which impact your teeth in different ways. It is essential that you know what foods are good and bad for your teeth so that you don’t harm your teeth in any way. Below is a list of foods that are harmful to your teeth so you can try to avoid them if possible.

Ice: Do not chew on ice even though you may think it is good for you because it is all water. Chewing on ice can be harmful to your teeth because it can damage your enamel.

Citrus: Having too much acidic foods can cause your teeth to decay over time because it erodes the enamel.

Coffee: If you have coffee without adding other condiments then coffee isn’t too harmful for your teeth, but once you start adding extra condiments then it can create problems. Both coffee and tea can stain your teeth if you consume too much of these beverages as well as dry your mouth. The best way to prevent stains and dry mouth is too drink less coffee and tea and consume more water.

Crunchy Foods: Foods that are crunchy are more than likely filled with starch. Starch can get stuck in between your teeth and cause plaque to build up. If you do enjoy crunchy foods, make sure you are drinking water and flossing after eating.

Sticky Foods: Eating lots of sticky foods can harm your teeth because they tend to stick to your teeth and the longer the food sticks to your teeth the more damage it can cause to your teeth.

Soda/Sports Drinks: There two beverage choices are filled with sugar which can be harmful for your teeth. When you drink these beverages they cause plaque to build up on your teeth and damage the enamel.

Alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol is also bad for your mouth because it can cause dry mouth and dehydration. Drinking too much can also cause a reduced flow of saliva which might cause oral infections and or tooth decay.

Hopefully this list of food and beverages to avoid will help you maintain a healthy mouth.