Why Going for Dental Checkups & Cleanings are Important

Taking care of your overall health is important in order to live a long and healthy life. Along with visiting your general physician it is also important to schedule regular appointments with your eye doctor and dentist. In this article, you will read about why going for dental checkups and teeth cleaning are an important part of taking care of your health.

Going for regular dental checkups and cleanings are an important part in making sure that your teeth are clean and healthy. By visiting your dentist, they can check for a number of things from the overall health of your teeth to examining your facial structure. When you go for a dental checkup, here are some of the things that they’ll look for:

  • Examining your facial structure (your face, neck, lower jaw joints and lymph nodes)
  • Checking gums and looking for any signs of gum disease
  • Checking your bite or if you have any loose teeth
  • Looking at the inside of your mouth for any signs of tooth decay or any fillings you have that may be damaged
  • Checking your dental appliances (if you have any)

These are just a few of the things that your dentist will check for during your visit. Don’t forget that along with your checkup comes the cleaning. Here are some things that will happen during your dental cleaning:

  • Checking how healthy and clean your teeth and gums are
  • If you have any plaque buildup, that will get removed
  • Cleaning, polishing and flossing your teeth
  • Discussing proper brushing and flossing techniques

Hopefully this information is useful for you when you go for your next dental checkup. Don’t forget to schedule a dental check up every 6 months. Also, remember that in addition to dental checkups, you must do your part at home by brushing, flossing and rinsing on a daily basis. The more you take care of your teeth at home, the better you’ll be when you go for your checkup. Keep brushing and smiling!