Eating Right: Healthy Teeth + Healthy Body

Do you pay attention to the types of foods and beverages that you consume? Do you know if they are healthy not just for your body but for your teeth as well? If not, then you might want to start paying close attention to what you eat on a daily basis. Many of the things we consume may not always be the best for our body, so continue on reading this article to find out what are some healthy foods you can eat to keep your body and teeth as healthy as possible.

Here are some food and beverage choices for you to consider in your daily diet.

Green Tea – helps prevent the growth of bacteria that might cause bad breath. It also has fluorides that help prevent your enamel from wearing away. Green tea is also beneficial for your body because it contains antioxidants which help cleanse your body as well as assist with weight loss.

Milk – is rich in calcium which helps keep your bones strong and healthy not just in your body but teeth as well.

Celery and Raw Onions – are great for chewing which allow your teeth to become stronger as you continue to chew and bite down on the food. Also, eating bananas are beneficial for you because they contain magnesium which helps to build up your enamel.

Water – is probably the most beneficial for your body and your teeth. Water helps keep your mouth clean by washing away any particles of food you may have stuck to your teeth. Not only does it keep your teeth clean but it helps your body in many ways, whether it may be to keep you energized or help with weight loss.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do for your body is to make sure that you visit your doctor, including your regular physician, as well as your dentist and  optometrist. Make it a point to get checked once or twice a year in addition to heating healthy and staying active. Remember eating healthy means having a healthy body as well as a beautiful smile.