Bad Habits that Might Hurt your Teeth

We may not realize that many of the small things we do on a daily basis could be hurting our teeth. Starting from our early childhood days, most of us have developed habits that could harm teeth, so it’s best to know what the bad habits are. If you or anyone in your family, follows these habits, it’s best to know and stop them now and if you have a kid(s) then talk to them about breaking the habits now at an early age so that they don’t run into problems as they get older. Check out the list of bad habits below so you can break them and save your teeth!

  1. Say No to Thumb Sucking
  2. Avoid Sucking on Lemons (lemons contain high amounts of acidity, which in the long run could lead to the enamel on the teeth to erode.)
  3. Brushing Too Hard (brushing regularly is important but brushing too hard is bad for the teeth. Brushing your teeth hard can cause damages such as; irritating your gums, wearing down the enamel or even causing your teeth to become sensitive to cold things.)
  4. Stop Clenching and Grinding (clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth can harm your teeth because of the pressure and it could eventually cause a minor fracture.)
  5. Cool Off the Ice (don’t bite or crunch on ice cubes as they hardness and cold temperature can cause damage to the teeth.)
  6. Don’t use Teeth as Tools (using your teeth to open packages, or tip open a bag of chips or anything similarly related because you could damage any type of dental work you’ve gotten done on your teeth or you could crack a tooth.)
  7. Placing Objects Between Teeth (putting things like pencils, pens, or glasses between your teeth and biting down on them can harm your teeth because of the pressure you’re putting on the teeth while biting down.)
  8. Stop Biting Nails
  9. Avoid Soda (drinking high amounts of soda can ultimately cause your teeth to wear out the enamel as well as cause decay around your gum line due to the fact that there is a lot of acid in soda.)

Hopefully, you and your family don’t follow these habits, but if you do then it’s time to put an end to all of them. Remember that by sticking to this list and avoiding all the bad habits you are protecting your teeth from damage. The price you pay for taking care of your teeth is strong, healthy and beautiful teeth!